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A fresh new service that provides insights into network data through cognitive algorithms for visual exploration and computational analysis.


Network Data API is a set of techniques for your cognitive tool box to support the visual exploration, computational analysis and understanding of high-dimensional spaces, such as networks. Start enhancing your own products by integrating Network Data API via REST.


Network Data API is classified as experimental. This means it can be unstable, can change frequently, and can be discontinued with short notice. It is provided so you can evaluate its functionality. It may not provide the same level of performance or compatibility that generally released capabilities provide. It is not designed for use in a production environment, and any such use is at your own risk.

Network data

The world is full of connections: social circles, business relationships, protein interactions in cells, money transactions, or the interplay of machinery and humans: from interactions of work stations in a clothing factory to complex associations in plant maintenance.
Network Data API makes these connections the objects of study, thus turning the spotlight on dependencies between entities as opposed to the entities itself. This perspective is key to new insights and reasoning about underlying processes among entities and opens innovative techniques for anomaly detection, clustering, prediction, ranking or visual exploration.

While network data often lies naturally at hand, in some cases it is less obvious how to abstract relationships among entities in order to enable the application of the network analytical tool box. In the latter cases entities are often linked up through similarity (or distance) measures, however, both scenarios are equal input for Network Data API.

Your input:

In Network Data API connections are called links, and entities are the nodes of the network. Our API accepts network data in the following formats:

  • List of links (.csv)
    You can provide a list of linked up nodes and optionally specify link values (e.g. an externally defined similarity or distance):


    Check out the POST /layout/linklist method for more details.

API output:
  • Layout coordinates (2D or 3D)
    Obtain layout coordinates for your network data to feature visual exploration.
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Getting started

Client SDKs

We maintain Client SDKs for Java and JavaScript.
Also check out Swagger Editor & Swagger Generator to generate client SDKs from our OpenAPI definition.


Network Data API SDK for Java 1.8 Network Data API SDK for JavaScript WebGL Renderer for JavaScript

Rest API Documentation

Explore the features of Network Data API in our interactive REST documentation, or plug our SDKs into your projects.

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How it works

You can run the following demos live on Network Data API.

Ready to use?


Ready to get down to the details? Full documentation detailing how to get started using this API is available in the interactive REST documentation.

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